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Fire Resistant Cables - Fire Performance, Fire Survival Cable Products | Cleveland Cables


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Fire Resistant & Fire Performance Cable

Cleveland Cable supply a large range of Fire Resistant and Fire Performance Cable.

Mineral Insulated Cable (MICC) are used to provide circuit integrity in areas such as alarm circuits, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems. MICC cables have copper conductors, a solid copper sheath and are usually insulated using magnesium oxide. The features of the cable make them more resistant to fires than plastic insulated cables due to the lack of organic material. It is for this reason that the MICC cables are suitable for using in public areas, high fire risk areas such as power stations and oil refineries.

Fire Resistant cable can be uses in trunking and steel conduit。 It is Ideal for fire alarm circuits, fire detection and emergency lighting systems where twisted pairs or a metallic screen are not required。 The cable features a plain annealed copper conductor and has a low smoke zero halogen insulation with MICA fire resistant tape。

Armoured fire resistant cable is suitable for fixed installations such as power circuits, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting. It can also be used indoors or outdoors, for direct burial or free air.

Fire Performance Mains Cable


Fire Resistant Single Core Mains Cable


Fire Resistant Mains Cable


Enhanced Fire Resistant Mains Cable


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