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Fixed Wiring Cable PVC & LSZH-Global Supplier-Cleveland Cable


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Fixed Wiring Cable PVC & LSZH

Twin & Earth Cable - Fixed Wiring Cable - 6241Y, 6242Y, 6243Y, 6181Y, 6941X - Suitable for many applications both domestic and commercial. Fixed Wiring Cables are generally used for power distribution, indoor and outdoor installations and certain ranges have added impact protection due to their steel wired armouring or aluminium wired armouring. Fixed wire cable is suitable for installation in damp conditions.

Fixed Wiring Cable


Mains & Control Cable


Mains Cable


Cathodic Protection Cable


3.3KV Mains Cable


Protected Wiring Cable


Fireproof Cable


Fireproof Mains Cable


Fireproof Enhanced Mains Cable


Split Concentric


Straight Concentric


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