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Marine & Offshore Cable

Cleveland Cable has a comprehensive range of marine & offshore cable for use in the following areas shipboard wiring, offshore platforms, and other at-sea installations for oil drilling and production。 These cover power, control, signal, instrumentation and communication ships wiring applications。

Our marine cables are designed to perform in extremes of temperatures, both high and low, and to be resistant to adverse elements such as humidity, oil, acid, muds and salt water, which are present in most marine and offshore operational environments.

They are manufactured in accordance with the following British Standards including -

BS6883 (fixed wiring in ships, and on mobile and fixed offshore units)
BS7655 (insulation and sheathing materials for ships’ wiring and offshore applications)
BS7917 (fire resistant cables for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile and fixed offshore units)

福建11选5They also comply with a wide range of International Standards, including IEC 60092 (electrical installation in ships) and IEC 60331 (fire resistant cables)。

The Norwegian standard NEK606 (halogen free or mud resistant cables for offshore installation), Germany’s Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping。

Marine and Offshore Cable


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