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NYY Cables
Unarmoured power and control cable is most suited for energy supply in fixed installations. NYY Cable can be installed indoors where there is little chance of mechanical damage. It can be installed in open air, underground, in water and also in brickwork and concrete with the exception of shaken, vibrated or compressed concrete. The NYY cable features solid plain copper conductors, PVC insulation, PVC filler and a black PVC outer sheath.

N2XH Cables
These cables are widely used European power cables used for electricity supply for fixed installations with a voltage rating of 600/1000V in public buildings. Their flame-retardant non-corrosive outersheath makes them suitable for use where smoke and corrosive gases would pose a risk to life and sensitive equipment in the event of a fire.

福建11选5These cables are suitable for use in dry and damp environments, on or under plaster, on cable trays, in walls, masonry and in concrete. The N2XH cable is not suitable for direct burial without external protection against mechanical stress or water.

NYY Mains Cable


N2XH Cable


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