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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update


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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

April 14th 2020

Cleveland Cable are a key supplier to Road, Rail, Utilities and construction industries and are as such currently operating as usual. In the event that we receive instructions from UK Government asking us to close branches, we will provide a list of all company contacts who can be contacted in an emergency to help you. This will be posted on our website and all social media accounts.

For now though, the situation is listed below

  • We have 4 months supply of fastest moving stock in house, though as general demand decreases this will extend further
  • We have a range of BASEC approved suppliers we can use worldwide as an alternative to cables coming through highly infectious customs areas
  • We are in daily contact with our manufacturers and to date they are all confirming no interruption to raw materials, labour and manufacturing
  • We can supply all current live contracts and there are no foreseeable delays to existing and immediate new orders
  • We have continuity plans in place
  • We have formed a steering group to deal specifically with the challenges of Coronavirus and COVID-19 infection should it arise
  • We have protected employees who may be “at risk” through self isolation and have provided working from home where possible
  • We have plans in place whether we lose staff to COVID-19 or even have to close branches due to further government instruction
  • We have a range of alternate options for deliveries in case we lose drivers, including using hauliers who are all reporting they are operating as usual
  • We will always give achievable lead times on future orders based on latest information regarding supply from quarantined areas

Please view our current 福建11选5COVID-19 coronavirus statement PDF.

For further updates, or to get in touch with an enquiry, please use the contact details available elsewhere on our website –

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