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BS5839 Cable

福建11选5Cable Specification: Fire & Security Cable, Fire Alarm Cable - Manufactured to BS5839/BS7629, the cable is most often used in fire alarms and emergency lighting. The fire alarm and security cable features plain annealed copper conductors, LSZH outer sheath in Red, White, Orange or Black, silicon rubber insulation, an aluminium/polyester tape screen and a tinned annealed copper earth wire.

Cable Specification: Fire Alarm & Security Enhanced Cable - Manufactured to BS5839/BS7629, can maintain circuits for up to 120 minutes upon detecting a fire。 The cable features plain annealed copper conductors, silicon rubber insulation, enhanced aluminium / polyester tape screen, tinned annealed copper earth wire and a low smoke and zero halogen outer sheath in either red or white。

Fire Alarm & Security


Fire Alarm & Security Enhanced


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