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BS7917 Cable

BS7917 covers a wide range of cable types used in fixed wiring applications on ships and offshore units and complements BS6883. BS6883 covers marine cables used for fixed wiring of lighting, power, control & instrumentation in ships and offshore units up to and including 3.3kV without fire resistant circuit integrity. BS6883 sets out the constructional requirements and additional tests under fire conditions.

The purpose of producing BS7917 was to promote the use of cables with fire resistance in the event of fire.
As per BS6883, cables manufactured in accordance with BS7917 are designated according to their outersheath type.

BS6883 Type SW2 - Heavy-duty enhanced oil-resisting, flame retardant, with reduced halogen gas emission
BS6883 Type SW3 - Ordinary duty oil-resisting with low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire
BS6883 Type SW4 - Ordinary duty enhanced oil-resisting with low emission of smoke and gases when affected by fire

BS7917 also specifies the following fire resistance characteristics:

F0 - Fire resistance for 3h at 750 degrees C
F1 - Fire resistance for 3h at 950 degrees C

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