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Harmonised Cable

Harmonised European standard cables, commonly known as HAR cables is an effort by CENELEC (a European standards committee) to harmonise the classification of cables that lead to a coding system that you will often see used to specify the detailed characteristics of a cable or flex。 These designations are often written in the form H07RN-F or H03VV-F etc。

福建11选5CENELEC is recognised by the European Commission as the leading European standardisation organisation in the electrical field. Designated as a European Standards Organization by the European Commission, CENELEC is a non-profit technical organization set up under Belgian law. It was created in 1973 as a result of the merger of two previous European organizations: CENELCOM and CENEL.

It is technologically neutral and receives contributions from experts from all over Europe to improve standards and quality across its 33 member and 14 affiliate countries.

福建11选5Through the work of its members together with its experts, industry federations and consumers, European Standards are created in order to encourage technological development, to ensure interoperability and to guarantee the safety and health of consumers and provide environmental protection.

Harmonised Rubber Flexible Cable


Harmonised Fixed Wiring Cable


Harmonised PVC Cable


Harmonised LSZH Cable


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